Why Doctors Should Be Using N95 Masks While Conducting Surgeries

When it comes to health and sanitation, we all rely on the experts from the medical field. The same is true now than it has ever been. N95 Masks, for now, are considered as the most important products that doctors and health professionals may have. Every person definitely wants to have a good sense of protection and N95 Masks have become that sense of protection.

With that, this article aims to provide the right information about the level of protection that N95 Masks has to offer, why individuals in high foot traffic areas should wear N95 Masks, why doctors should be using N95 Masks while they are conducting surgeries, and why everybody should trust that N95 Masks are meant for everybody’s protection. 

The Level of Protection From N95 Masks

N95 Masks are considered as top notch in the highest level of protection that the general population should have during this pandemic. It offers the best kind of protection from their filters and many layers that filter out the virus are airborne particles to layers that capture the viruses upon contact.

The best thing about this personal protective equipment is the fact that it and most of the products falling under this classification or category is actually made in the United States. Since it is made in the United States, people are more trusting of the process that it has been created as well as the products and raw materials used for it. 

3M, for example, has all of its raw materials as well as main headquarters based in the United States. This makes it easy for 3M to ship out their products and ensure the quality and standards that the products go through. It is definitely one of the most important characteristics of this personal protective equipment like N95 Masks. Individuals no longer have to deal with problems of personal protection that do not come from the United States.

Other big names and manufacturers like Honeywell, BYD, and Kimberly Clark are also all based in the United States.

Why Should Individuals In High Foot Traffic Areas Wear N95 Masks

High foot traffic areas are considered as the most vulnerable areas in terms of contracting the coronavirus. If you are looking for the right kind of protection or more reasons why you should wear N95 Masks in high foot traffic areas, the following are the areas:

  • You have no control over who comes in and goes out of the area.
  • You need to have that sense of protection so clients will trust you.
  • You need peace of mind so you will trust yourself. 

Why Should Doctors Use N95 Masks While They Are Conducting Surgeries 

Doctors should also wear and use N95 Masks while they are conducting surgeries for the the following reasons:

  • Doctors are the most vulnerable working population.  The reality is that doctors are the most vulnerable working population. They face the possibility of contracting the coronavirus day in and day out. Even if they do their best to protect themselves by wearing the right personal protective equipment and using the right health protocols, they are still valuable. So, the best thing that the world can offer them is for them to have the right personal protective equipment like N95 Masks.
  • Doctors need to have protection so they can protect their patients. Since doctors face contracting the virus daily, they also face getting others contaminated. This means that if we want to be able to trust doctors, they should be able to protect themselves properly and they should be free from the virus.
  • Doctors are limited while N95 Masks may be created and reproduced almost instantly. N95 Masks may be reproduced. Current supply of N95 Masks may be redirected. However, doctors may not. Healthcare workers and healthcare professionals is a limited resource. While manufacturers can try to do everything in their power to reproduce personal protective equipment, we cannot quickly reproduce and use the doctors and medical health workers to take care of us. We take a few minutes to create a new personal protective equipment but it would take 10 to 12 years to produce another doctor or medical health professionals.

Why Should Everybody Trust N95 Masks 

Everybody should trust N95 Masks because they have been created with the end user in mind. It is important for a lot of people to know that they need to have N95 Masks so they can always have that level of protection that they deserve. Protection from the virus and prevention of contracting the virus is better than curing and surviving from the virus.

Everybody Deserve Protection from N95 Masks

At the end of the day, what’s important is the fact that N95 Masks bring protection to individuals. It has been created to make sure individuals will have at least 95% protection against the virus and all of the other airborne particles that people have no control over. If you have been paying attention, you know that these masks are meant for everybody to use.

However, while the manufacturers are trying to keep up with the current demand, it is important for you to always make sure that you stock up on things that really matter like personal protective equipment including N95 Masks and N95 Respirators. Buy anytime from reputable sources and make sure that you have stocks that can help not to see you with your only. It is now your responsibility to protect yourself from the virus.

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