Why It is IMPERATIVE that School Districts Secure Enough PPE for All Their Students

As the need for more PPE arises due to the pending reopening of schools, school administrators need more funds. In other words, the thriving of the educational system amid COVID19 and post-pandemic will hinge on the preparation. This preparation has a constant ingredient that cannot be overemphasized, and these are the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Presently, the Educational Service Providers (ESPs) are planning to raise more funds beyond the initial budget of regular school running.

But why is it so crucial for the school districts to provide enough PPE, such as kids masks, for all students before resumption? For a start, moving out of lockdown will require adequate preparation to ensure no secondary outbreak. Consequently, all the frontline workers with essential roles in the system will have to fortify themselves with PPE. Besides, they also have to equip their families to ensure that everyone is safe and sound.

Presently, NEA is demanding a minimum of $56 million in the next COVID19 budget for providing PPE. Also, this fund will make provision for all education support professionals and educators in contact with students. On the other hand, educators will see to the implementation of different projects, including meal, school building, and tech facilities for a safer environment for students.

However, the need to protect ourselves is also our responsibility. The will to reopen schools and set things back in motion must not override our caution. As much as school authorities must the needful, other stakeholders must also do their parts. Also, in a public place, a person has to wear the face mask to prevent the spread or contract of the virus. As much as people staying at home may not wear a mask at all times, it is compulsory if you have to go out.

By standard, the N95 masks are reserved for the medical workers and the first health responders. Whereas, the cloth masks are open for use to the citizens, both adult and young ones. The challenge to get the students to comply with the COVID19 rules is another phase of work for the educators. Also, there is a demand for the administrators to shake up the entire infrastructure to comply with the new standards.

Alternatively, there is an option of students learning both virtually and in person. Experts also advise that crowded buses will also be a thing to watch out for. Perhaps, school buses will increase the frequency of the movement in a route or employ more vehicles. In any case, all stakeholders in education know that the use of PPE will be instrumental in creating a safer environment.

Mind you, and the safe environment is not only for the students and the family, but also, it involves the staff and their families. In another way, the administrators have a poll to determine the stance of parents in wanting their kids to resume back to school. The question is, if we struggle to maintain sufficient PPE for medical workers, how can we be sure there will be enough for students and teachers?

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