Why KN95 masks, unlike N95 masks, are NOT considered respirators

N95 masks:

The N95 mask provides more protection than a surgical mask, and when the wearer inhales, it will flush out both large and tiny particles. As the name suggests, the mask is designed to block 95 per cent of very small particles. There are valves in some N95 masks that make them easier to breathe through. With this form of the mask, however, when the wearer exhales, unfiltered air is released. It is, therefore, not effective against coronaviruses.

In particular, when using N95 masks, people with a chronic respiratory disorder, heart disease, or other people with breathing problems should consult their doctor, as N95 masks can make it more difficult for the wearer to breathe.

KN95 masks:

The KN95 respiratory masks are masks operated by China's government. The KN95 filtering facepiece respirators are used by healthcare professionals, as the masks have been certified by the FDA as per FDA guidelines and international standards.

When it comes to the KN95 mask itself, it is built to fit tightly around the face, due to its ability to create an airtight seal. This mask utilizes an ear loop as a means of wearing, which is different from other types of masks utilizing head strap attachments that can go behind the ears or behind the neck.

Would anyone wear a mask for the N95 or KN95?

According to CDC guidelines, respirators are presently not recommended to the general public. Conversely, N95s and KN95s should be guided to healthcare professionals and other first responders. About why? Because they're critical safety devices, and they can run out quickly as single-use goods.

Mark Hersam, Northwestern University's professor of materials science and engineering, is trying to change that. He and his team are working, through a grant from the National Science Foundation, to create reusable N95 respirators that can be decontaminated by ultraviolet light.

He develops elastic straps, in particular, that do not degrade under UV exposure. "The cloth mask definitely avoids spreading a lot of the vapor you exhale around a room, which is good, and that's why everybody is inspired to wear one," he says. "But if you really want to catch, in or out of the mask, a large fraction of the virus particles that go either way, then [N95s and KN95s] are far more successful."

Importance of N95 masks during a pandemic:

N95 masks are more important because they are manufactured according to US standards. Due superpower US support has its importance. These needed masks to be able to philter out at least 95% of the very tiny 3-micron particles, including the coronavirus-containing droplets. They are commonly recommended in all countries of the world to be worn by medical workers and factory employees working in vast fields in this pandemic situation.

In the world, these N95 masks have more precision and context than surgical masks and simpler fabric masks. If we compare them, all of the traditional satirical masks and cloth masks are only for appearance. They are ultimately less likely to prevent germs from spreading to the wearer. N95 respirators provide individuals with a lower degree of safety.

Why KN95 masks, unlike N95 masks, are NOT considered respirators:

An N95 respirator mask is a safe respiratory system for airborne particles with high filtration efficiency. These masks are intended to achieve a somewhat similar facial fit in order to provide the wearer with the required air seal. N95 masks often come without respiratory valves and those are not listed as problematic in the government advisory. The 95 in N95 represents 95%. 95 percent of small particulate matter (PM 2.5) can be filtered out by an N95 mask.

The researchers have pointed out that the normal N95 masks that most health workers currently use can philter about 85% of particles smaller than 300 nm. However, the SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) size range is 65-125 nm, suggesting that certain virus particles can potentially slip through these coatings.

Indications that common KN95 masks are not as efficient as N95 masks have been found in a new study.

ECRI researchers find that, as with N95 masks, up to 70 percent of KN95 masks imported from China do not follow U.S. efficacy requirements. In September, the group released a Danger Warning

It is said that both products filter 95 percent of aerosol particulates. Since they follow the Chinese norm but are not governed by U.S. agencies, KN95 respirators vary from N95 respirators.

Therefore, KN95 masks are not considered respirators unlike N95 masks because:

The Chinese government allows the manufacturer to conduct a special mask fit test on real humans with ~ 8 percent leakage in order to be approved as a KN95 mask. Manufacturers are not allowed by the N95 mask norm to perform fit tests.

This does not imply that fit testing is not useful. Several hospitals and businesses need their employees to be fit-tested. Nevertheless, those are standards for businesses themselves, not for the US NIOSH certification on the mask.

N95 masks have slightly more stringent pressure drop requirements when inhaling. That means they have to be slightly more breathable than masks made from KN95. Don't worry, even though it often seems impossible to breathe through masks, while wearing a mask, dying from oxygen deprivation is very unlikely. This thing makes N95 masks more reliable than KN95 respirators.


N95 masks are more respirators than KN95 masks. N95 masks have the ability to filter more than KN95 masks. N95 masks are manufactured in that way they give easy breathing.

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