Why N95 masks are ideal for workers in the restaurant industry

As the spread of COVID—19 and its damages have decreased in most countries around the world, businesses have started to open. Employers have started to return to their work strategies. But, the conditions at the restaurants are still the major concern by the general public and even for the investors.

The restaurant industry has also started to work, but the hygiene problem and the protection measures are still big concerns. However, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (“OSHA”), has issued certain measurements that these industries need to follow. A complete guideline has been provided regarding the use of personal protection equipment (PPE), such as N95 masks and other tools.

The N95 mask is ideal for the workers in the restaurant industry, because of the numerous benefits that it contains. N95 masks filter the smallest particles from the air before we inhale them. Following are some of the specification which makes N95 masks ideal for workers in the restaurant industry:

Filtration Ability of N95:

N95 masks are the best face masks that are approved by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). These masks filter 95% of the dust and airborne particles. N95 masks are tested for their air filtration abilities and after them, they are approved for use by various industries.

In restaurants, we all know that hygiene is one of the major concerns. And especially during these days of COVID-19, the spread of the virus through breathing is a major problem. So, to prevent this spread N95 masks are the best choice for workers in the restaurant industry. These N95 masks allow the zero passing of infectious particles through them. So, it improves the reliability factor by the customers.

Extra protection Factor:

The material used during the production of these N95 face masks ensures the extra protection of the workers. In these days, where the deadly virus is spreading across the world and taking lives, the protection factor is the biggest concern for workers. This N95 mask which is verified by the NIOSH gives the best protection and ensures worker’s health.


Another major factor that makes N95 masks idea for workers is that they are reusable. Unlike most of the third standard masks, N95 masks can be reused for at least three times. So, it can prevent the cost management problem for new face masks. N95 masks can easily be recycled for reuse purposes.

Workers can use sterilization, boiling water, and other techniques to make these N95 masks reusable. After the limited number of reuse of N95s, these can easily be disposed of.

Style and Comfort of N95 Masks:

The style of N95 masks is much more comfortable for the workers as compared to ordinary masks. N95 masks fit properly to the face and allow minimum particles to pass through them. Secondly, apart from the comfort level, the NIOSH verified N95s give a good impression to the customers coming inside the restaurant. Customer satisfaction is a major concern, and N95s are a big satisfaction for them.

Manufacturing Scale of N95 Masks:

N95 masks are being manufactured over a large scale around the world and are readily available to workers for use. The workers in these restaurants can get these N95s at very cheap prices and in large amounts. So, there is no problem for the restaurant authorities and the workers to get these N95 masks.

At the start, there were some restrictions and the production rate of these N95 masks was slow. However, later on, different manufacturing companies started production of these N95s and made them available in the market. It created a cheap market for restaurant workers and workers related to other industries to buy these N95s.

Allergy-Free and Fuss Free

The N95 mask is PVC, silicone, and latex. All these chemicals can cause issues for workers who are sensitive to certain materials. Ordinary masks usually contain all these toxic materials and cause sensitivity issues for the workers and they cannot work properly. The second important factor is these N95 masks are disposable. It means that workers can dispose of these N95s after using them. So, there is no need to fuss and panic.

Packaged for Hygiene and Convenience

N95 masks come in the best packaging which is convenient for the worker to use. This packaging allows the workers to have the damage-free masks that they can use for many days. Another important thing is hygiene. N95 masks come in the best hygienic quality. The manufacturers ensure that before dispatch and delivery of the products, the N95s are best in hygiene qualities. 

So, in this way, the workers are ensured about the quality. They are also sure about their protection from the infection.


Workers in the restaurant industry need to have proper protective equipment for their own protection and for the satisfaction of their customers. And for this purpose, they require the best equipment. N95 masks are the best tools in this regard. These N95s are recommended by various health institutes and departments around the world.

So, these N95s are ideal for workers, working in the restaurant industry. They can help them achieve better targets than their competitors by showing proper protective measures. Centre for Disease Control (CDC) recommends the use of N95 over the other masks. So, the reliability factor is higher than the ordinary masks, which is enough to catch the customers and provide the best services.

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