Why N95 masks are important for the construction industry

An N95 mask is a type of personal protective equipment (PPE) that aims to provide wearers protection against airborne particles and contaminants. N95 mask has the capacity to filter 95% of airborne particles. N95 mask can reduce the wearer's exposure to small particles including aerosols and non-oil aerosols droplets. 

The N95 mask is a reliable disposable face mask that provides safety for a lot of Americans and other users in the world. N95 masks or respirators are tested, evaluated, and approved by the United States National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). The N95 mask is considered as an equivalent to other N95 respirators regulated outside the US, like the FFP2 respirators of the European Union and the KN95 respirators of China. 

The N95 mask is commonly used in the construction and mining industry but there are also specific types of N95 masks that are designed for medical, surgical, and dental use.


N95 masks and the Construction Industry

In the construction industry, proper PPE is very important to keep the workers safe from any hazards. One of the important PPEs is the N95 mask. The N95 mask can filter small dust, preventing them to be inhaled by the workers. This type of disposable mask is very different from other face masks. The N95 mask is designed to be durable and with an excellent filter system.

N95 masks for construction use comes in different types of models as well. They are designed to provide extra protection depending on the type of job you are doing in the construction site. NOISH regulates all N95 mask models to ensure that they function properly and continue to provide the necessary protection. 

NOISH, the US agency that regulates the N95 mask, has approved several local and international companies to manufacture N95 masks. One of the leading companies is 3M. 

3M NIOSH-approved respirator or N95 mask is widely used in the medical and construction industries. The N95 mask models they have been carefully made to deliver the necessary protection while ensuring comfort. 3M N95 mask comes in a two-strap design with an adjustable nose clip. The N95 mask is adjustable to allow wearers to get a more personalized fit and strong closure. The N95 mask from 3M that has been used globally is lightweight and they are comfortable even when worn for hours. 3M disposable face masks are also used in food processing and general manufacturing industries.

3M NIOSH-approved N95 mask or N95 respirator is designed to provide protection against tiny particles. 3M N95 masks come in different models and have extra features to provide added protection. 

For the N95 mask to work efficiently,  it should be worn correctly. N95 mask needs to be discarded immediately when it is deformed, wet, visibly dirty, and when it is contaminated with blood. To properly dispose the N95 mask, place it in a plastic bag and put it in the trash.

There is a specific N95 mask model made for paint preparation tasks. This type of N95 mask helps protect users against particles such as allergens, dust, and granular pesticides. N95 mask for paint prep is also recommended for use when grinding, sanding, sweeping, and lawn mowing. 

Other N95 mask models from 3M include the following - 3M 8511 Respirator with Cool Flow, 3M 8110 Respirator Paint Prep, 3M 8200 Sanding and Fiberglass Respirator and 3M Paint Project Full Respirator (6000 series)

These N95 masks are commonly used in the construction industry for all tasks - from sawing to grinding to sanding to wall paint preparation. All these N95 mask models come in stretchable headbands with lightweight design for comfort. They are very convenient to use and designed to allow wearers to breathe easily. 


N95 Mask Shortage

Because of the coronavirus, the demand for N95 masks significantly spiked. A lot of people are now buying N95 masks for personal use - to protect their kids and family from the virus. 

Even if the manufacturers increase their production, there is still an ongoing shortage of N95 mask supply. The low supply of the N95 mask has prompted the high US authorities to recommend the use of cloth masks and prioritize the use of N95 masks for the front-line workers. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued guidance on how to extend the lifespan of the N95 mask in order to address the shortage problem. 

Now that the construction business is slowly returning, the shortage of N95 mask worries all workers. The cloth masks are not enough to provide them full protection. The N95 mask is what the construction workers needed. 

Because of the increasing demand for the N95 mask, a lot of counterfeit N95 respirators has been sold online. Thus, buyers must be vigilant. Users are encouraged to buy an N95 mask from a trusted shop. When looking for an N95 mask for sale or N95 respirators in stock, users must make sure that it is genuine. There's a lot of fake N95 masks available online and they are sold at a price that is too good to be true. When purchasing the N95 mask online, make sure to get the best quality and genuine N95 mask. 

The N95 mask is very important in the construction industry. It provides safety and protection to workers. It keeps them healthy and free from any illness. In recent times of coronavirus, the N95 mask has also become very important and necessary for medical and health workers. 

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