Why N95 masks are NECESSARY for farmers

The coronavirus pandemic has proven to be the most severe threat to humans in the past few months. It has affected millions and hundreds of thousands have died because of it. Due to this, the demands of PPEs and N95 masks have increased all across the world. According to the estimates of the World Health Organization (WHO), the PPEs are 100 times more in demand than they used to be in the past. 

The healthcare facilities around the world are now in great need of the PPEs and the N95 masks. However, these N95s and personal protection equipment were already in use before the COVID-19. Their use ranges from the industries to the workers who are working in agricultural fields. The pesticide risk reduction is the biggest cause for which people use pesticides. It helps the farmers in getting better production rates. 

The agriculture industry around the world uses different types of pesticides, insecticides, and fungicides to kill the pest and other organisms that can destroy the crops. The use of pesticides over the past few years has been observed to be increasing multifold. As the pests are becoming more and more resistant to the already present pesticides, new types of pesticides are coming inside the markets. 

However, these pesticides have severe respiratory effects on the farmers and workers who work inside the fields. The research conducted by the National Institute of Health over a number of the workers in the agricultural fields who use these pesticides shows that respiratory disorders and pesticides have a strong link. 

The workers in the farms, agricultural lands, and fields face severe respiratory problems such as dry throat, chest pain, difficult breathing, wheezing, and coughing. Apart from these problems, the workers also face the problems of dust allergies, pollen allergies, asthma, and various others such as lung cancer and other pulmonary diseases.

The studies conducted by the NIOSH show that these workers are facing more mortality rates due to respiratory diseases. The pesticides and insecticides are all destroying the overall health conditions of the workers. However, there must be some protective tools that can protect the workers from these respiratory issues. Masks can prove to be very helpful in this regard.  

Masks were used as protective tools in the past as well by the farmworkers. N95 masks which are considered the best are recommended by the NIOSH for the use of these farmworkers. However, the current shortage problems of the N95 masks have created an uncertain health emergency. Because the workers inside the fields are also facing the problems of the N95 masks. It has made them more vulnerable to respiratory diseases. 

N95 Masks as the protection for the farmworkers

Most of the farmers who are working inside the farms often use N95 masks for their protection. The N95 masks are the best filtrating face pieces which can filter the 95% of the particles and also up to 0.3 microns sized particles. This makes them the best protective tools that can be used by the farmers for effective protection. 

The laws in the United States of America set the proper guidelines for providing the best quality safety tools to the workers to handle the pesticides and insecticides. The quality of the PPEs used depends upon the level of toxicity that different pesticides can produce. It also depends upon the type of pesticides being used. So, most of the time, the NIOSH recommends the use of N95 respirators and N95 masks. They can provide 95% protection, which is the best limit. 

Moreover, these N95 masks come in various models. All of these N95 models can adopt various environmental conditions. Therefore, the protection of the farmers can be ensured with the help of these N95s. Pesticides are inhaled during the working process; they can cause the death of the farmers. For this reason, NIOSH recommends masks and respirators as good as N95 for effective protection.

Qualities of N95 masks that can be the best for Farmers

N95 masks are manufactures with the best polymer materials. For their filtration quality, they are tested properly by the NIOSH. Because of this, N95 masks are the best products available for workers and farmers. However, some specific qualities are most effective for the ways these farmers have to deal with the pesticides.

  • 95% Filtration Ability

N95 masks have 95% filtration ability which can remove or block almost all of the particles that can prove to be lethal if inhaled. Pesticides often contain dangerous and poisonous chemicals that are harmful to farmers. So, these N95s prove to the best protection in these cases.

  • Comfort Level

N95 masks are made up of the best soft material. These masks fit tightly on the face. They have the nose clips and braided straps. All of them provide the best comfort level to the users. Farmers have to work inside the fields for almost 10 hours continuously, so they must feel comfortable while working. So, for them, these N95 masks provide the extra comfortability.

  • Replaceable Filters

N95 masks have replaceable or disposable filters which can be changed later on. Buying third-quality masks can be very expensive for farmers. So, they need something that can last some days. For this purpose, N95 masks are the best. These filters are easily available and can be changed easily.


N95 masks are necessary for the farmers due to the exposed danger of pesticides. N95s are the best gears for farmers to protect themselves.

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