Products created in the United States are considered as having the best quality. They are sought after as they follow stronger protocols from creation, processing, and moving. The same is true with personal protective equipment and what they have to offer. The N95 masks are definitely one of the best products that came out of the United States for a long time. Given the current situation that the world is currently in, N95 masks and all other personal protective equipment are definitely important for individuals to have.

In this article, let us discuss the important aspects of the N95 masks, what makes the N95 masks the best masks, and how can one make sure that he has the right number of N95 masks in stock? In this article, we discuss the important aspects of N95 masks and more.

What Makes N95 Masks As The Best Masks?

The N95 Masks that are made in the United States are the best masks for a reason. First, let us look at some facts about the masks and the respirators that are made in the United States. There are basically three grades of disposable masks: the N90 mask, the N95 masks, and the N99 masks. These have European equivalents that people should know more about. 

The N90 masks are basically dust masks that come with a filtration efficiency of at least 80 percent and that it has a leakage to the inside of the maximum of 22%. It has an N95 mask that is considered as the best kind of mask to get used by healthcare professionals against influenza viruses. They are the equivalent of the FFP2 masks in the European standard. There are also the N99 masks that have the highest level of filtration against very fine particles.

Even with the existence of the N99 masks, it is still the N95 masks that are considered as the best and the gold standard of personal protective equipment because of the fact that it offers a better experience to the wearer. According to studies on both kinds of masks, the N95 masks offer 50% less breathing resistance than N99 masks. The wearer can wear the N95 masks longer without feeling more suffocated than when they are wearing an N99 mask.

How Do You Make Sure That You Have The Right Number Of N95 Masks In Stock?

You can make sure that you have the right number of N95 masks in stock by making sure that you have at least 20 new N95 masks every month and about 60 N95 masks that are always ready in stock. Even with the ramp up in production, you should always have personal protective equipment in stock for your protection and for your family’s protection as well.

Order From The United States Manufacturers

One of the most important lessons that you should learn more about during this time of a pandemic and be applied in the future is the fact that you should always get your supply first from the manufacturers in the United States. The rules and protocol of production in the United States is very strict; that is already a fact. Hence, it is definitely easier to trust the fact that the suppliers follow very specific protocol for them to even begin their business.

In this section, we take a look at the manufacturers of the N95 masks in the United States and they are the following:

  • Kimberly Clark. Kimberly Clark is another American company that manufactures and provides personal care and consumer products for individuals who want to learn more about personal protective equipment and who wants to protect themselves.
  • 3M. The gold standard when it comes to N95 masks is 3M. They have produced the best and highest quality personal protective equipment and N95 masks that individuals should definitely have in this time of a pandemic in order to protect themselves. According to a lot of sources, 3M expects to ramp up their own monthly production of N95 respirators and N95 masks to 50 million in June 2020. The company is also looking to produce 2 billion N95 respirators globally within the next year.
  • Honeywell. Honeywell leads the pack as the world leader in producing personal protective equipment. They have produced the right respirator models and the right N95 masks that will protect themselves and many people. You would definitely love and appreciate what Honeywell has to offer when it comes to N95 masks. The best thing about it is the fact that they are an American manufacturer so they are headquartered in Santa Ana, California and we all know that they follow strict protocols.
  • BD. Another company that is based in the United States, specifically New Jersey is BD. They produce high tier personal protective equipment like N95 masks and N95 respirators and aim to improve healthcare all over the world.

Trust The United States Protocols

The United States protocols when it comes to the production of N95 masks is definitely one of the best things that individuals should know more about. It is absolutely amazing that individuals know how they can address their needs and how they can ensure that they stay protected with the right personal protective equipment that is approved by NIOSH. Wherever you may be in the world, you can rely on the fact that the N95 masks coming from the United States manufacturers are the best and have come to protect you and your family as much as it can against the virus.

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