N95 masks:

N95 masks are the specially designed mask that is used by the people to protect themselves from harmful particles. N95 masks can filter about 95 % of the microscopic particles that are present in the air and can be harmful to human health if they inhale them. These respirators are approved by different public health care organizations that are working for the safety of human beings. 

These N95 respirators are made up of multiple layers of protection that makes it able to filter the maximum number of particles. These masks are made up of non-woven synthetic fiber, through which it can filter many bacteria, viruses, and fungal spores.

Role of N95 masks in a pandemic: 

When COVI 19 occurred in China, it wasn't a threat to anyone. But after a few months, it has destroyed many countries by affecting their economical and social life dramatically. Different countries were searching for a suitable way through which they can control COVID 19. Then the United States has introduced an N95 mask that helped millions of people in their protection against this COVID 19. The N95 mask has saved the lives of millions of people all over the world.

Use of N95 mask:

Since the pandemic has occurred. People are using N95 masks for their protection against this threatening COVOD 19. But N95 masks have also been used by many people to get protection against dust particles, bacteria, and other harmful particles present in the air. These particles can be dangerous for a healthy person and cause many respiratory disorders if they inhale these harmful particles. 

Many people have been using N95 masks to get protection against dust particles that are mostly present in the atmosphere in the majority. Not only men or women, but N95 masks are also available for kids having different safety conditions. People that are using N95 masks can get maximum protection against any kind of dangerous particles. People working in the offices are also using N95 masks because their companies have made it necessary to wear an N95 mask during work.

The particular use of N95 mask in winter:

By the time, the N95 mask had been used for the protection against COVID 19 in this pandemic. But as the winter season is arriving, the government of different countries has turned to the use of N95 masks for a particular use all over the world. Many countries are deciding to specify the use of the N95 mask in different situations. And that specification leads to the use of N95 masks in winter to avoid the second wave of COVID 19.  

Because, as time is passing out, people are not using N95 masks with regularity as they should. This behavior of people is causing a threat to the world that there is a possibility of recurrence of COVID 19 in many countries. This second wave of COVID 19 can be more dangerous. Because the virus has the ability that it can modify itself rapidly. So it’s better to take precautions and use the N95 mask to get protection against this threatening coronavirus. 

Reason for the particular use of N95 mask in winter:

As the N95 mask has been considered most efficient in its filtration. There is an important reason behind specifying the use of N95 masks in this winter. Because in this winter millions of people will suffer from the flu, that's also a symptom of being infected by a coronavirus. In this situation, it'll be easy for a virus to get entered in the human body because e people will already have a weak immune system. 

So, to avoid this threat of being infected by a coronavirus, it's important to particularly wear an N95 mask in this winter. Because according to a public health care analysis no other mask can give that much protection that N95 masks provide.

Types of N95 masks to use in this winter:

As the particular use of N95 masks has been decided by many countries, it’s essential to know what kind of N95 masks should be used in this winter. Different types of N95 masks can give good protection against many harmful particles. But according to health care specialists, a particular category is suitable to use this winter. So, according to them, an N95 mask without a valve are suitable for people to use in this cold season. 

Because these masks that have valves can cause a kind of discomfort in breathing for many people. And the reason is that, these masks having valves are made in such a way, that no smaller particle can enter through it. But this feature is also harmful to people if they use it constantly. So, to be protected from COVID 19, it's better to use N95 masks without a valve. 


N95 masks have been used by millions of people for their protection against COVID 19 and it has saved many people living in a different country. But the increase in the number of coronavirus patients has created a threat that there can be second waves of COVID 19 in the upcoming time.

So, to avoid this, the government of many countries has decided to use an N95 mask for a particular reason this winter. And that reason is to avoid the arrival of the second wave of COVID 19 that can be more dangerous than the last one.

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