Why N95 masks would be useful for car dealerships

N95 masks are recommended by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) and FDA to the general public and the workers who work in various industries. People working in healthcare departments are more vulnerable to viral expose. They can get the coronavirus and it may lead to the deaths of these workers.

However, workers that are working in automobile and car dealerships are also vulnerable to these viral infections. These workers have exposed more dust, airborne, liquid, and oily particles. Most of these workers get infected with respiratory problems due to continuous exposure to these particles. So, apart from the coronavirus, it is necessary to help these workers in working with maximum safety. 


Help to the Worker with the N95 Production

For this purpose, N95 masks can provide to be very helpful. If the car dealerships and automobile industries start providing these N95 masks and N95 respirators they can save the lives of millions of workers. It will help the companies in maintaining their standards and providing the best health care facilities to the workers. 

The use of these N95 masks can prove to be very helpful in satisfying the investors about the quality of their working process. It will encourage the workers as well to show maximum work abilities and work without any fears. This technique is used by the best companies and car dealerships around the world to maximize production.

Some of the biggest car dealerships such as Tesla, Toyota, Ford, and others are working with the healthcare departments in the production of these N95 masks and providing them to their workers. According to the guidelines of NIOSH, CDC, and FDA, it is suggested to all the industries that they should firstly provide the maximum protection to their workers.

Working on these guidelines, these companies have provided the personal protection equipment including N95 masks and N95 respirators to their workers. It helped them save their lives and earn money.


Ford and the N95 Masks Benefits

During the shortage period of N95 masks and N95 respirators, the locally made surgical masks were introduced in the markets. However, it was not a reliable solution to the shortage problem. So, the government of the USA asked the automobile industries and car dealership for their help in the production of N95 masks and other PPEs. These industries had all the tools that could be used for the N95 Masks production.

Ford was the first one who plunged into the help process and started helping GE and 3M for producing the ventilators and the N95 masks and N95 respirators. It helped in producing almost 200,000 ventilators and N95 masks with the same amount for the general public and medical staff. This helped Ford to get the profits and investments from the government and other organizations which were fighting the war against the coronavirus. 

It proved to be very effective for the company as, during the lockdown days, the production rate of automobiles was already down, so these projects helped the company continue its manufacturing process. The company gained profits and provided the best facilities to their workers in maintaining their lives throughout the period of lockdown and distress.


Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) and N95 Masks Benefits

Fiat is the major automobile producing company with many manufacturing plants across various countries of the world. Immediately after the breakout of the virus, the company converted its plants in China for the production of N95 masks and other personal protection equipment. They hired the medical workers and started the production of these N95 masks along with other PPEs. 

N95 masks are currently allowed to be reused for only a limited number of times. So, increasing the production of these N95 masks and N95 respirators was a major step. It helped the company as well. They were able to attract the investor for the purchase of these N95 masks from all around the globe. It helped them gain profits for the company and pay to their workers in their fight against the virus.


Toyota and its role in N95 Mask production

Toyota is considered to be one of the biggest companies related to car dealerships and other automobiles. It has numerous manufacturing all across the world. During the pandemic days, the giant companies needed to plunge and help in the production of surgical masks, N95 masks, and other personal protection equipment PPE. 

So, Toyota came on the front and decided to help in the manufacturing process of N95 masks, surgical masks, 3D printed masks, and other equipment to help the medical workers save the lives of people. It helped Toyota gain a worldwide appreciation. Toyota helped in the production of thousands of masks and then provided them to the sellers and government organizations for their sale. 

Toyota gained a lot of profits in this manufacturing process. It helped the company to maintain a standard and proper payout for the workers.

COVID-19 no doubt posed a major threat to industries around the world. However, it also helped some industries boost up their production rate and help out the government and healthcare departments in their fight against the coronavirus. All these car dealerships and automobile industries invested in the N95 mask production process and gained profits. Apart from the profits that they made, they helped the healthcare departments in overcoming the shortage problem of these N95 masks and the N95 respirators.

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