Why kids shouldn't wear N95 respirators

Wearing a mask, washing our hands, keeping sanitizers handy these are all become indispensable parts of our life. Thanks to the COVID-19 outbreak! For the increasing number of infected people and death tolls, everyone across the globe is petrified. The governments are taking the required measures to make people stay at home, use proper safety precautions when in public, and the researchers are working day and night to come up with a treatment. The good news is that the vaccine is already invented, and soon, it is expected to reach the market after testing for the public to use. 

Because COVID-19 has left us without any treatment, we have to be cautious and prevent it. Even when the death rates are controlled and the price of survival is higher, people are terrified of this disease’s contagious nature. Once a person is infected, the chances are high for him or her to affect people around them, including family and Kids. 

In the context of precautions, we really can’t skip the contribution of masks and respirators. Appropriate masks and respirators block 95% airborne particles to entire through our mouth and nose. It is essential to wear this whenever you are in public. It is a fantastic solution for COVID-19 for adults. What about the kids? Many people complain that the masks don’t fit in their kids’ faces. Well, you shouldn’t even try to put masks on them, especially the ones you are using. Adults these days are using N95 respirators mostly to keep coronavirus away. This is the best mask available in the market to fight against this pandemic. Many companies have come up with this mask at various prices; however, the manufacturer 3M is the most trusted one. They have many types of N95 respirators and masks to be used by medical professionals and common people, but they are not suitable for the kids, and here we will discuss it. 

What Are the Different Kinds of Masks?

  • Tissue masks can be made from common materials at home; they prevent illness from spreading by serving as a shield when people cough, sneeze, or speak.
  • Health care staff will have to use N95 masks for their daily routine. Such masks shield them from microscopic airborne particles. Most healthcare workers require additional testing and training to ensure that they suit correctly for maximum safety.
  • Surgical or medical masks may also help avoid infection. To protect against large droplets and infectious body fluids, these may be given by health care organizations to medical staff.


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, N95 respirators or even cotton masks are highly prohibited for children under the age of 2. It will pose more harm to them instead of benefits. 


Why Shouldn’t My Infant Use a Mask?

  • Babies have smaller airways than adults, so breathing through a mask is even more difficult for them.
  • No ‘N95 mask’ is approved for young children under the age of 2.
  • In case of facing breathing troubles, the infants are incapable of removing masks from their faces, and they may not be able to tell you about it. As a result, they may face fatal breathing problems.
  • Trying a mask on a child may enhance the risk of suffocation. All masks are difficult to breathe through even for adults, and children face more problems with it. A tightly fitted mask may end up suffocating them, and a loose one will fail to serve the purpose of protection. 
  • Toddlers are not likely to keep the mask on their faces, and they tend to remove it and touch their faces more, and this will make the situation worse.

What Type of Mask Can a Child Wear?

A regular cloth mask for children is all that's required, the experts said.

Some people make masks with a coffee filter, and the C.D.C. shows how to do this using a bandanna. But experts are not recommending those to kids because they are much less breathable.

If you are an adult who is caring for a sick loved one, using a face covering with a filter could provide more safety. So if you're making your own, use a coffee filter, as the C.D.C. suggests, rather than a vacuum filter. Certain fiberglass vacuum filters contain fiberglass particles that shouldn't be close to one's face anywhere, experts said.

What is the protection for children?

  • Limit exposure and avoid needless contact with the public.
  • Keep clean hands. Frequent hand washing for 20 seconds with soap and water is ideal, but the next best alternative is hand sanitizer, with at least 60% alcohol.
  • When it's necessary to go out, cover the infant carrier with a blanket that helps protect the baby and allows them to breathe easily. Do not leave the blanket in the car on the bag, even when the baby and bag are not in clear view at any time.
  • If a parent is unable to leave the young child at home and is obliged to step out of the house and in public, it is suggested to keep the 6 feet distancing rule to everyone around.
  • Teach the older kids not to touch their mouths.
  • Remember to wash your kids’ hands as soon as you return home to stop the germs from spreading.
  • Clean often-touched surfaces such as doorbells, handles, light switches, and electronics.


There are many masks available in the online market from various companies, and the business of safety equipment and PPE Kit is booming now. However, no matter how ‘child-friendly’ mask the companies advertise about in the best deal, don’t get them for your children under the age of 2. It will create more problems. If you make your kids above the age of 2 and below the age 5, wear the masks, make sure it is not N95 and inform them about the to-do things if they feel uncomfortable. It will keep you prepared for any probable situation that may turn into something fatal. 

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