Why the State of Texas Decided to Start Giving Inmates N95 Respirators

N95 Respirators are considered as one of the best things that people should know more about this year. The pandemic has taught us a lot of things and people should already know about it by now. Every person wants to make sure that they will have the best kind of protection whenever they go out. However, what about those individuals who are not even allowed to go out?

In this article, we will discuss why the State of Texas decided to start giving their inmates some personal protective equipment including N95 Respirators.

Why the State of Texas Decided to Start Giving Inmates N95 Respirators?

The State of Texas is going through one of the toughest experiences that they can have. The State is overwhelmed by the illness caused by the novel coronavirus. According to the El Paso County officials, there is a need for a two-week shutdown of all non-essential activities so that the state health department can recover from the catastrophe. After the area’s medical resources have been too overwhelmed by the number of cases, it is up to the local authorities to try and contain any further spread of the illness.

In some days, the State of Texas is getting around 6,430 new coronavirus cases that were reported statewide. This makes the total cases of coronavirus in the State of Texas alone to be close to 886,820. 

In the case of Texas, all non-essential services have been ordered to be closed. Places like hair, tattoo, and nail salons have been very pivotal in ensuring that the economy would once again recover but they may have a hand in spreading the virus even more. Hence, the lockdown is necessary. Essential services will continue to operate such as drug stores, groceries, funeral homes, and even health care services and government activities.

Other changes like a daily curfew have also been set and people who work within the curfew hours are the only people that are exempted. Each day for the past week, however, there are more than a thousand more cases that are confirmed every single day. This is definitely a huge blow to the healthcare system of Texas and the economy of the State considering that it also serves as home to a big personal protective equipment company that sells N95 masks and N95 respirators. 

This devastating turn of events have forced the government officials to give N95 masks and N95 respirators even to those who are serving time in their state facilities. The surge is higher if the local government will not be able to control the situation even in places of very low mobility.

The State Of Prison Life

Prison life in Texas is now one that needs to get the right amount of N95 masks and N95 respirators for their inmates.Prisons all over the world has already been able to contain most coronavirus cases despite the struggle and Texas should not be an exemption. 8 units of prisons across texas are already on precautionary lockdown with more than 111 inmates going through medical restriction and around 5 being on medical isolation. Of course, the only persons who should be asked about how the virus came into the prison system is by looking at the employees of the prison employees. In the State of Texas alone, there are 16 employees of the prison that tested positive for the virus. Whi;e the fatalities are not that high, it is still considered problematic if there is a community transmission even in a closely guarded area like a prison. 

Why You Should Have Your Own Set of N95 Respirators?

Given the information that we have shared above, it now sheds light on the reality that you and your household, as well as all households, should have your own supply of personal protective equipment like N95 masks and N95 respirators. 

N95 masks and N95 respirators  are no longer just luxuries that people think that they can still get away not having. Personal protection is not a luxury and individuals should know better than just making sure that they get what they need and think that they do not need N95 masks and N95 respirators. 

While we all know that everyone’s budget is limited given the fact that work is not even good at this time and consumption is at its lowest, it is important that we give ourselves at least the right kind of protection that can help us through the system. We are all going to have a good time and survive this pandemic if we all just protect ourselves from the virus that is slowly killing our population and our economy. While we wait for a cure, we should use personal protective equipment like N95 masks and N95 respirators to get us through the days.

Everybody Needs Protection

At the end of the day, everybody needs protection. Everybody needs to get a hold of what is important and they need to make sure that they will have everything that they need. If you are looking for a way to make sure that you will be protected from the virus, people who are deprived of liberty must also have that same level of protection coming from N95 Respirators, and N95 Masks. Everybody needs to get protected and that is only possible through the use of the right N95 Respirators and N95 Masks.

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