Masks and respirators are provided to people to help them create a protective and preventive measure against airborne diseases and atmospheres that are polluted with particles of dust and other contamination. Among these masks, the most coveted ones are n95 masks that are preferred by the masses for many reasons. The exhalation valve, the braided headband, the nose clip, and a massive structure make it a respirator that is in demand.

An n95 can be worn for an extended time, and it can provide the same safety from harmful microbiological organs as it would when worn the first time. A strong sealing keeps the tiniest chance of catching the illness away from the wearer. But wearing it for longer durations is okay then taking it off again and again.

This will eliminate the excessive touching of the respirator and also reduce the risk of transmission of illness. But if someone is going to meet several different patients in a hospital ward or is going to move from one location to several other areas, then it is suggested that a disposable mask must be worn over the n95 as N95 can be reused and does not need to be thrown away. It can be bought once and worn over and over again. But if there are people in the room with similar diseases and another bedroom has people with another condition, you are required to move between them.

Then it is suggested that you wear a disposable mask over the n95 masks. This way, you can decrease the possibility of the disease traveling to other non-infected people sticking to your mask's outsides. If you wear a disposable mask over n95, you would simply throw away the disposable one and wear a clean one over it before heading out to other people.

Doctors and people in hospitals repeat this technique to ensure that all of their patients suffering from different diseases stay safe from catching diseases of the rest of patients in the same hospital. N95 mask has been approved by NIOSH and is a mask that can be used over extended measures of time safely. Though if the mask gets ruptured or affected due to some reasons, then you should prefer getting a new one.

To prevent the contamination of the n95 mask's surface, you can either spray it with a disinfectant or even better try wearing a disposable mask over it. Avoid touching your mask and try staying at a safe distance from the rest of the people. You must also consider discarding your n95 mask if it has nasal secretions, blood, or other bodily fluids contaminated on its surface.

It is better to carry a set of disposable masks before heading out so that you would not have to throw away your n95 respirator in case of contact with harmful microbiological organisms. To ensure safety and protection, you must not touch or take off and wear your n95 repeatedly.

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