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3M 8511 mask | N95 mask x 10 | NIOSH - Clinical Supplies USA3M 8511 mask | N95 mask x 10 | NIOSH - Clinical Supplies USA
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3M 8511 mask | N95 mask x 40 | NIOSH - Clinical Supplies USA3M 8511 mask | N95 mask x 40 | NIOSH - Clinical Supplies USA
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3M 8511 mask | N95 mask x 80 | NIOSH - Clinical Supplies USA3M 8511 mask | N95 mask x 80 | NIOSH - Clinical Supplies USA
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3M 8511 N95 Masks

The 3M range of disposable respiratory protection includes the 3M 8511 mask, also referred to as an N95 mask or the N95 respirator. These masks are designed to be worn over the nose and mouth to protect against the inhalation of dangerous particulates, including the airborne germs associated with the contraction of viruses like the flu and other respiratory illnesses. They can be safely worn as antiviral protection when worn to the manufacturer’s instructions and for the appropriate length of time. The 3M 8511 and the 3M 8210 face masks are both NIOSH approved protective face wear. They are sometimes referred to as KN95 masks also.

Our range of 3M disposable particulate masks are available to buy online in wholesale quantities. We arrange for direct delivery to your address right across the United States. You can order our range of disposable face masks online now and ensure that you receive bulk quantities offering you long term virus protection. As you near the end of your available face shields on hand, simply log on to our website to purchase a fresh supply of masks. By selling our particulate respirators in bulk quantities, we’re offering customers peace of mind, knowing that they can access large scale quantities when they need them.

3M 8511 vs 8210

The 3M range of masks include the 3M 8511 and the 8210. As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of protective face wear, they offer the wearer a high protection factor of 95%. This means that both masks contain an in-built filtration layer that is capable of safely filtering out up to 95% of airborne particulates, including smoke and dust, as well as airborne germs which, when inhaled, can lead to the contraction of some viral illnesses. The individual design of each mask includes minor changes that are designed to accommodate all different types of wearers.

They are available in a standard adult size and come with an adjustable M noseclip which can be comfortably molded around the bridge of the nose to ensure a snug fitting mask and full cover of the nose and mouth. They both contain an advanced electrostatic design to help the wearer to breathe easier.

How to wear 3M 8511 mask

As with all types of medical protective personal wear, the 3M 8511 range of masks must be worn as per the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure that it maintains it high protection factor and performs as it has been designed to perform. Please consult the manufacturer’s warning and instructions for a complete understanding of exactly how the mask offers you protection against airborne particulates.

When the wearer puts the 3M 8511 mask on their face, it must completely cover the entire nose and mouth and it must sit as tightly as is comfortable to your face. This ensures that you have complete protection while you are wearing it and that every breath is breathed through the protective filter. In order for the respirator to remain effective, all air that you breathe in must be breathed through this filtration layer. This is the layer that will trap unwanted pathogens and materials from entering your airway. Once the seal around the mask is broken, you can no longer rely on its ability to provide you with safe air and should dispose of the used mask immediately.

If you are a person with facial hair, then please ensure that you test whether the 3M 8511 mask is able to provide you with appropriate protection and that it fits according to the manufacturer’s instructions before you rely on it to offer you the advertised protection factor. Facial hair can inhibit the mask’s ability to form a strong protective seal around the nose and mouth and allow the wearer to breath around the mask’s seal, effectively breathing around the protective filter. Small kids may also find the mask difficult or uncomfortable to wear due to the generic sizes available. 

Some people unused to wearing a face covering may find the design of the 3M 8511 initially uncomfortable and restrictive. Unlike a surgical face mask which does not contain an inner layer of filtration, the 3M 8511 and 3M 8210 designs feel heavier on the face to wear and are thicker. A wearer may not be used to breathing through a filtration layer and this can sometimes use more energy than is usual for drawing a comfortable breath. Rest assured that an initial discomfort is completely normal for all wearers. It is not often that we find ourselves having to breathe through protective layers and the sensation can feel disorienting and annoying. Initially, you may experience slightly laboured breathing while you are wearing your face mask. The energy required for inhalation is normally minimal and you may experience some fatigue initially as you adjust to the new energy level required to breathe comfortably and normally through the face mask.

To help you get used to the sensation of wearing your new respirator, try it for short periods of time while in safe environments. You may find that wearing your new mask for a few minutes at a time will help you to adjust to the fit and the feel gently so that when it comes time to wear the mask for longer periods of time outdoors, you are prepared for the sensation and can comfortably keep your mask in place. If you are struggling to adjust to wearing a mask, then it may serve you better to plan for much shorter trips outside of your home rather than relying on the mask’s protective power for hours. The mask is able to provide you with superior respiratory protection only when worn effectively so to make the best of your mask, keep it for when you feel it is absolutely necessary.

If you experience trouble breathing, remove your mask immediately and refrain for strenuous activity until your regular breathing rhythm returns. If you are experiencing severe respiratory distress, consult a medical professional immediately.

Is the 3M 8511 N95 mask reusable?

The 3M 8511 range of masks are not washable or reusable which means once you have finished with the mask, it must be disposed of responsibly directly into your trash can. The exterior of the mask may have been exposed to germs and other airborne particulates so when you are discarding your used mask, ensure you place it directly into your trash can. Wash and sanitise your hands after handling used masks to ensure complete protection against the contraction of illnesses.

The mask is generally safe to wear for up to 8 hours but ensure you read the manufacturer’s instructions thoroughly for the best time limits on its effectiveness. Once the interior layer – the layer responsible for the filtration of air particles – has become moist, it is time to discard your mask and place a new one on. This may occur before the 8 hours are up. If you feel that you should replace your mask, then replace it. Buying your range of 3M 8511 masks online from us means that you can purchase the protective wear that you need in bulk quantities. You can avoid running out of available masks and freely replace your mask whenever you feel it necessary.

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