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Makrite 9500S mask | N95 mask x 20 | NIOSH - Clinical Supplies USAMakrite 9500S mask | N95 mask x 20 | NIOSH - Clinical Supplies USA
Makrite 9500S mask | N95 mask x 20 | NIOSH 12 reviews
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Kids Face Masks

Kids face masks are worn over the nose and mouth to protect them from inhaling and spreading germs while in public spaces such as while they are attending school. Our range of face masks are available to purchase online in wholesale quantities. We deliver direct from within the United States and straight to your door. We source our face shields from world leading manufacturers like 3M™ who provide the highest quality air filter masks and disposable face masks.

When shopping for kids face masks, you have a couple of options to choose from. The N95 Respirator – also referred to as the KN95 mask – is a respirator designed to protect both the wearer from breathing in unhealthy germs and helps to reduce the chance of the wearer potentially spreading germs which they may already be infected with. These FDA approved face masks are worn by healthcare professionals and other essential workers in times of pandemic sickness, delivering superior respiratory protection through an in-built filter capable of filtering 95% of airborne particulates. The N95 mask name refers to its filtration abilities, with the ‘95’ standing for the protection level the mask is capable of delivering. You may also find it referred to as the 8210 mask or the 8511 respirator. Both designs deliver the same level of filtration and respiratory protection.

Originally designed for use in mining and construction industries, such as for painters and protecting them against inhaling dangerous fumes, recent events have shown that they are also highly effective for protecting individuals in times of pandemic illness. Our complete range of face shields, including our highest protection masks as well as our surgical face masks (i.e. the ASTM Level 3 Mask), are all available to order online in bulk quantities. Buy in both domestic and commercial quantities, ensuring that you and your children have enough safe protective wear.

Can kids use face masks?

There is a lot of information available for parents seeking masks for kids, delivered by organisations like the CDC and your local doctor. It can be difficult to explain to children, particularly very young children, why it is so important to wear a face mask during extraordinary times. They will probably not understand how important it is to protect their respiratory health and will likely find wearing kids face masks uncomfortable or irritating.

Firstly, ensuring that face masks are kids sized is a must. Wearing a mask that is too large for their face will only make the sensation of wearing a mask even more uncomfortable. You can help to shape a standard sized medical mask for a child’s face by adjusting the straps of the mask. Some masks come with standard sized earloops designed to slip over the ear, holding the mask in place over the nose and mouth while it is worn. For kids, this may not be the best design. Children have smaller faces and smaller ears so the mask may slip, becoming ineffectual at protecting your child’s breathing, or it may become so annoying that you child simply tears the mask off in frustration.

Other kids face masks are available with adjustable straps in either fabric or rubber. These straps can be tightened or loosened to fit the individual meaning you have greater control over how the mask sits on your child’s face, helping it to remain in place and for the child hopefully to forget they are wearing it or that it feels strange on their face.

Some mask designs which include the inner filtration layer can feel a little bit uncomfortable to breathe through at first. These types of masks use a complex process known as melt blowing to form a very finely woven filter within the masks. It is this filter which protects the wearer from inhaling up to 95% of airborne particles they are exposed to such as smoke pollution, dust and other industrial substances like fibreglass. In order to remain so highly effective, the inner filtration layer is very densely woven and so drawing a normal breath through the filter may require some adjustment. A regular breath, taken without wearing a mask, in usually unhindered and completely natural. As soon as you place any kind of cloth face covering over the nose and mouth, the energy required to take a normal breath will increase slightly. This can be a struggle for adults to adjust to so children may need even longer to find a comfortable breathing experience while they are wearing their mask.

As with adults, getting used to the sensation of wearing and breathing through a protective mask will get easier the more a child practices wearing their mask. To start off with, help your child into a mask while they are at home, completely relaxed and doing something gentle like coloring in pictures or watching television. By choosing an environment like your home which is safe and comfortable, your child can remove their mask if it becomes uncomfortable whenever they want to. This might even be immediately. If they are free to experiment with how a kids face mask feels, they may find the sensation of wearing one less uncomfortable or put up less of fight when it is vitally important that they keep their face mask in place.

Along with wearing kids face masks, children will also need some help learning not to touch their face so often. One of the quickest ways that we can infect ourselves with the germs that cause respiratory illness is by constantly touching our face. Our hands are used to explore our physical world, so they are constantly in contact with surfaces like door handles and benches which other people are also using all of the time. You can protect yourself against picking up germs from public spaces and surfaces by wearing surgical gloves, but you will still need to limit how often you touch your face and that is more difficult than it sounds at first. We’re always touching our faces either to adjust our hair, scratch an itch, inspect our skin or sometimes just while we’re thinking. Touching your face can transfer germs you have on your hands to more vulnerable spaces on your body like near your nose and mouth where germs can gain access to the body and potentially cause sickness. For children, remembering not to touch their face can be a difficult adjustment. While they’re wearing their mask at home, you can also help them to remember not to touch their face and invite them to regularly use hand sanitiser gel or sanitising wipes as often as possible.

If they have any special toys, like a teddy bear or a poster of their favourite film or TV characters, it might a good idea to put a kids face mask on them as well showing your child how normal it looks.

Kids face masks are designed to help protect your child’s respiration while they are in a public setting such as while they are attending school, out shopping and while using public transport. You will find a complete range of personal protective wear and sanitising agents available to buy online and in bulk quantities direct from us. We ship from within the US to deliver what you need as fast and as safely as possible. Buy your masks in bulk online now for fast shipping direct to your door.


Kids N95 Masks

Get hold of these kids N95 masks and you will be able to take good care of your child’s health and comfort. With the growing need for good-quality face masks, it is unfair for kids to struggle with oversized adult masks. Not only do they look awkward but wearing a mask that does not tightly cover the mouth and nose area, defeats the sole purpose of wearing a protective gear.

An active routine and lack of awareness make kids more prone to falling ill due to pollutants and virus. Hence, securing their health with good-quality kids N95 masks is of foremost importance.

At Clinical Supplies, we are dedicated to providing premium quality Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in order to keep our communities safe. All you have to do is place your order online and it will be delivered at your doorstep on the very same day. When ordering on weekend, the products will reach you on Monday.

We are working with one of the front-runner N95 face mask brand of the United States, 3M, to provide reliable respirators. 

Available in two variants 3M 8210 and 3M 8511, our 3M masks range not just filters the air that one breathes in but also prevents the spreading of germs that may be exhaled or transmitted through bodily fluids — thereby providing a strong antiviral form of protection.

These specially-equipped masks were originally designed to air protect painters and other industrial workers against inhaling toxic fumes in mining and construction industries. It later came to light that these protective gears can protect individuals from deadly airborne diseases as well.

Justifying its name, N95 masks (i.e. the N95 Moldex) actively stop you from inhaling 95% of airborne particles like dust, smoke and germs responsible for causing respiratory sickness like the flu and other diseases caused by a virus.

We also supply FDA-approved KN95 masks manufactured in China.


Can kids wear N95 masks?

Approved by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, or NIOSH, The N95 mask is the best respirator available in the market.

Our Kids face masks are designed to safeguard your child’s respiration when they are in a public setting such as while they are attending school, out and about in the city or while using public transport.

N95 mask is effective only when it compactly sits on the wearer’s face with its well-fitted seal in place at all times. With kids wearing conventional adult masks, the size difference and uncomfortable fit may repel them from wearing the mask altogether.

Also, with ill-fitting ear straps, the mask may constantly slip away from your little one’s face, which in turn would expose the child to toxic air.

Our kids N95 masks are specially designed keeping in mind a child’s need — hence not only will the masks perfectly sit on their face but your child will also be able to handle the mask with ease.

Another feature of the kids N95 mask is it is extremely lightweight, making it comfortable to wear for hours on end.

However, breathing through a filter may bring some discomfort for many. Even adults at times feel suffocated and restless at the thought of restrained breathing, hence it is possible that your kid might take some time getting used to the idea of breathing through a mask.

Your can help your child understand the importance of wearing masks and lead by example. Letting the child experiment with a mask indoors, will make your kid more confident when using it outdoors where the environmental standard is poor.

However, the N95 respirators are not washable and hence can be worn for up to 8 hours only. If in case the air filter layer becomes moist before 8 hours, you should replace it with a fresh one immediately.

The kids N95 masks effectiveness relies on it being worn and disposed of correctly. A used mask should be carefully discarded in a thrash bin, and you should make your kids thoroughly wash and sanitize their hands after removing their mask.

Our fast-drying hand sanitizer with 70% alcohol kills 99.99% of germs without water. This product is also ideal for people with migraine or those who are sensitive to strong fragrances.

You should always have sufficient kids N95 masks in stock, as there are chances that your children may lose their protective gears or tear off their mask when using them outdoors in an unsupervised environment. At Clinical Supplies, we offer wholesale products at attractive prices, so that you never run out of stock even when there’s a dearth of supply in the local market.

However, for children under the age of 12, who still may not comfortable keeping a face mask on, our top-quality face shields can come to their rescue. Face shields provide a physical barrier against aerosolized droplets and prevents them from reaching your eyes, nose, and mouth. Wearing face shields in addition to masks enhances the layer of protection altogether.

Apart from children who hate wearing kids N95 masks, people with medical conditions who find prolonged use of face masks difficult and people in the service industry who come in contact with hundreds of people daily can also consider this economical yet reusable mode of protection.

We also offer alcohol-free antibacterial wipes which apart from protecting you against germs is enriched with the goodness of tea tree leaf oil and vitamin E and is gentle for use on skin.

Though not effective as certified respirators, our 3-ply disposable masks are officially designed for lower-risk environments. These masks work more like surgical masks and the product is not suitable for use in industrial zones. The masks if contaminated by bodily fluids such as blood and saliva, should immediately be discarded and replaced with a fresh one.

We also have our very own range of kids disposable masks for light use

Since your hands are your first point of contact, it is important that you protect them from infecting your nose, mouth or eyes. Known for its snug fit, our premium quality nitrile and vinyl disposable gloves can keep you protected. With the gloves on, you no longer have to worry about washing your hands or sanitising them while going about your day-to-day business.

However, being disposable in nature, you cannot reuse these gloves. Hence it is advisable that you buy these products in bulk as not only will it be a cost-effective investment but it will also ensure that you do not run out-of-stock.

At Clinical Supplies, we also supply digital LCD infrared thermometer that can very easily track body temperature without any physical contact. This device comes handy for family-use and in establishments such as schools and in business environments. 

Our range of protective gears including N95 masks for kids are specifically designed to ensure that they provide optimal protection against the inhalation of toxic dust particles and airborne germs. Even when there’s a scarcity of masks and sanitizers in the local healthcare industry, trust us with your orders and our team won’t disappoint you.


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