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Order infrared thermometers online now – we ship from within the US. Ideal for measuring temperatures accurately from a safe distance and detecting fever.

Infrared thermometers are temperature detecting devices devised specifically to allow you to accurately measure a person’s body temperature safely and from a distance. Infrared thermometers are designed to be used from a safe distance, allowing you to accurately record a person’s temperature by measuring the radiation emitting from their body as opposed to other contact thermometers, such as an ear infrared thermometer which require contact with a human being to receive a body temperature.


This means that the infrared thermometer is also ideal for detecting the temperature measurement of objects and surfaces in hard to reach places as well as during seasonal sickness such as flu, head colds and other viruses. Highly contagious viruses, such as respiratory viruses like covid-19, can be transmitted quickly in close quarters. Maintaining social distances during times of peak human illness can help to minimize your chances of catching contagions. Infrared thermometers are designed to assist with accurately measuring human temperatures, offering a fever alert for potentially ill and contagious individuals, without having to remain close to the individual. These types of forehead thermometer are used by healthcare professionals in environments including hospitals to provide accurate measurements of fevers safely and without direct contact.


Can you use infrared thermometer on humans?


The non-contact infrared thermometer is completely safe to use on humans to obtain an accurate reading on their body temperature. Also known as a temperature gun, an IR thermometer is a laser thermometer. To ensure that temperature readings are accurate, you simply use the laser sight to at the surface or individual you are seeking to obtain the temperature of and hold the reading button down. The infrared thermometer returns an accurate measurement almost instantly. As a digital thermometer, the temperature reading is given in Fahrenheit in clear and easy to read numbers on a backlit display that can be used easily in low light conditions.


The way that infrared thermometers work is quite simple even if the technology is very complex. To be able to measure surface temperatures and internal temperatures accurately from a distance, the digital infrared thermometer uses an internal lens that focuses infrared radiation onto a detector which then converts that radiation into a readable electronic signal. Due to the nature of how the infrared technology measures surface temperatures, the user can affect the readings returned. This is a well known phenomenon so every forehead thermometer that uses a laser sighting and this type of measuring technology has adjustable emissivity. This means that infrared thermometers can be calibrated to ensure that the body temperature of the user does not interfere with the temperature range returned by the non-contact temperature gun. Infrared thermometers are also light-weight and comfortable to hold, fitting into pockets easily. With a backlit screen, they can be clearly read and the power unit is powered by a portable battery.


During times of peak illness, such as the coronavirus outbreak, not all individuals who are infected with the virus know that they are ill and it is during this pivotal time that they may inadvertently infect others until they become aware of their symptoms or illness. One of the most common symptoms experienced by anyone infected with a virus is an increase in body temperature. When the human body has detected an illness, the body’s immune system launches into action. It prepares itself to locate and destroy the invading contagion, detecting the virus and then attacking it with white blood cells. Another way the body tries to attack any foreign viruses and bacteria is by deliberately increasing the body’s temperature. A virulent virus breeds – and therefore makes a person sicker - when it experiences peak environmental conditions such as a normal human body’s temperature. By increasing the body’s temperature – even slightly – the human immune system becomes activated and has a better chance of destroying the virus which is unused to surviving in higher temperatures. So, if an individual is infected with a virus but has not yet started to show or experience any other symptoms, they may have a higher body temperature than is normal. By using a laser infrared thermometer that is non-contact, an individual can have their temperature taken quickly and non-invasively. Should it read as higher than normal then that individual can be informed of their abnormally high temperature and seek medical assistance. It could be that that individual has been infected with a contagious virus and simply is not yet aware yet that they are experiencing symptoms.


As we all do our best to maintain social distance and stop the spread of dangerous respiratory viruses like covid-19, technology like infrared thermometers can assist with identifying sick individuals before they enter spaces like shops and offices. By asking an individual whether it is OK to take their temperature before they step inside a shop, you can help to reduce the potential for community transmission of dangerous viruses before they have a chance to reach multiple people in small and enclosed spaces and develop into virus hot spots.


Using infrared thermometers in conjunction with personal protection equipment like N95 masks, disposable face masks, disposable gloves and hand sanitizer increases our chances of containing dangerous contagions within densely populated cities throughout USA. The N95 respirator – also known as the KN95 mask – is a face shield designed originally for use in the mining, construction and decorating industries. These masks are carefully created with an interior lining molded using a process called melt blowing. This process creates a very dense filter through which at least 95% of airborne particulates are effectively filtered out. While wearing the mask according to the manufacturer’s instructions, this type of mask can protect you against inhaling airborne particles containing viruses like coronavirus. Kids face masks are also available.


The face is one of the most vulnerable places on the human body. Viruses can infect an individual when they are inhaled or when we touch our faces with our hands. Using hand sanitizer regularly helps to ensure that our hands are as clean as possible as often as possible. Wearing gloves can help to reduce the chance of picking up viruses or other contagions from shared surfaces like shopping baskets, escalators and while we are using public transport. Our range of 3M masks include the 3M 8210 and the 3M 8511 respirator N95 masks. Both of these types of masks offer the wearer protection against inhaling at least 95% of airborne particulates when they are worn correctly and for the correct length of time. Using infrared thermometers to detect body temperatures, using sanitizers and antibacterial wipes to cleanse shared surfaces, wearing disposable gloves while in public settings, and maintaining social distance will help to reduce the transmission of deadly viruses.


Our complete range of products are in stock and available to order online and in bulk quantities. We ship from within the US and direct to your door meaning you can purchase wholesale quantities for both private and commercial use from a reliable online supplier who ships quickly direct to where you need your order to go. Search our complete range of clinical supplies online and make your order for infrared thermometers, masks, sanitiziers and gloves now for fast and direct delivery right across America.




Antibacterial Wipes


The purpose of antibacterial wipes is to keep surfaces clean and germ free. The most common active ingredient in antibacterial wipes is benzalkonium chloride which is responsible for destroying the germs and bacteria that it comes into contact with. Like disinfectant wipes, these wipes are design to kill bacteria and are not designed for use on the human body or for use as a baby wipe. They are instead designed to keep surfaces clean and germ free like doorknobs, kitchen benches, floors and other commonly touched surfaces.


You use antibacterial wipes like you would any other type of cleaning wipes and cleaning products around the home. Use them to cleanse surfaces, plastic equipment like kids’ toys, leaving them clean and healthy for regular use. They can be used around the home, in communal areas in workplaces and communal kitchens. You can keep a packet in the car to ensure that they’re to hand at all times and to use them to wipe down dashboards, glass and other surfaces after driving or after sharing your vehicle with someone that you don’t live with. It is vitally important that when you are sharing enclosed spaces, like your vehicle, that any surface an individual you have been driving around may have touched is cleaned thoroughly after use.


Throughout the cold and flu season we are always more aware of how we share and become infected with germs and viruses that may be transmitted from people who are unwell, and it during this time that we are reliant on cleaning products like antibacterial wipes. When we share services like public transport, we take care to ensure that we regularly use cleansers like hand sanitizer to avoid picking up other people’s germs and to ensure that we don’t inadvertently pass on germs we are infected with to other people. The recent rise of pandemic sickness to sweep across the United States, and around the world, has seen a particularly virulent strain of respiratory virus very quickly spread throughout the public. Now it is even more important than at any other time to ensure that we all do what we can to avoid sharing, spreading and infecting others with the coronavirus which is spread and caught similarly to the common cold and influenza. We can use cleaning supplies like antibacterial wipes, disposable face masks and disposable gloves to prevent the spread of viruses.


The best way to use hand wipes is to concentrate their use on shared objects and surfaces. In the workplace this can include things like common benches and tables, keyboards, desks, door handles, elevator buttons and other commonly touched areas. By regularly cleaning these surfaces using antibacterial hand wipes, we can effectively destroy potentially dangerous germs before they have a chance to jump to another person, like yourself. For other workplaces or public spaces such as shops, public amenities and outdoor recreational spaces, simply use your antibacterial wipes to wipe down surfaces that you will use or have already used. This is will help to ensure that anyone who may have been infected and touched your shared surfaces does not spread their germs any further and it will also help to ensure that any germs which you may have been infected with are not left on surfaces that you have used.


Some people infected with illnesses like covid-19 are not actually aware that they are carrying the virus. They may not have experienced any symptoms of sickness yet and so may still be walking around in public settings and accidentally spreading germs they are infected with. The use of infrared thermometers are effective ways of measuring human temperatures without coming into contact with individuals and can help to highlight individuals with higher temperatures, indicating the possibility that they may be ill.


Once you have used your cleaning wipes then dispose of them directly into the trash. Antibacterial wipes are provided in a handy canister and come pre-moistened with the active germ killing ingredients. When the canister or soft handy pack is not closed properly and the wipes within the packet are able to dry out, they are no longer effective cleaning agents and should not be relied on. For more information about how to use your antibacterial wipes effectively and safely, always read the label and follow the manufacturer’s instructions thoroughly.


In addition to using sanitizing wipes, the CDC recommends that everyone follow a strict hand washing regimen using soap and water. Your hands should be washed thoroughly for at least 20 seconds using clean, running water and soap. You can use antibacterial soaps; however, regular soap will be just as effective. When we wash our hands, we aren’t necessarily trying to kill any germs on our skin but instead we are trying to wash them harmlessly away down the drain. The soap that we use helps to dissolve the natural oils on our hands, particularly on our fingertips, where we are most likely to have trapped dangerous germs. When the oils are dissolved, the water that we use helps to clean off both the soapy lather and those germs, sending them harmlessly down the drain and leaving them there. Follow up your thorough hand washing with using paper towels to dry your skin rather than a shared towel and then discard the used paper towels directly into the trash.


If you do not have access to soap and water to wash your hands, then choose a hand sanitizing product such as hand sanitizer gel or hand sanitizer spray offered by a communal dispenser. Using antibacterial wipes may not be used as a personal care cleanser and using disinfectant multi-purpose cleaner or antibacterial wipes directly on the skin may cause irritation. The CDC recommends the use of alcohol sanitizing products like gels and spray which contain at least 60% ethyl alcohol or isopropyl alcohol. It is important not to use sanitizers which have been, or may have been, contaminated with methanol. Methanol is a dangerous chemical which causes harm to the human nervous system, the eyes and may even cause death if ingested.


For kids heading back to school, equipping them with everything they need to remain safe and germ free at school is vital. Ensure they have kids face masks or some form of face shields to protect their nose and mouth and ensure they minimize the chance of inhaling viruses or germs carried by other kids or adults who they come into contact with. Our complete range of 3M masks include both the 3M 8210 and 3M 8511 masks designed to offer protection against inhaling at least 95% of airborne particulates when worn to the manufacturer’s instructions. Otherwise known as the N95 masks or the KN95 mask, these disposable face masks are in-built with a filtration layer that has been reliably used by healthcare workers to avoid infection as well as used within the mining and construction industries. The N95 respirator provides extremely high protection for the wearer when worn correctly.


Our complete range of antibacterial wipes are available to online in bulk and wholesale quantities. If you are searching for a reliable clinical supplier online who ships from within the USA safely then you have found the in stock online supplier that you have been looking for. Order unscented antibacterial wipes online now and have your order shipping directly to your address.

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