We have partnered with NoFraud to protect our customers from unauthorized orders.

Why did I receive an email/call/text from NoFraud?

  • NoFraud uses advanced screening technology to detect unusual or suspicious activity. You have received an email from us and NoFraud to confirm that you, as the authorized card holder, placed the order.
  • Clinical Supplies USA aims to confirm the transaction has been made by the authorized card holder.

What is NoFraud?

  • NoFraud is real-time fraud screening software for eCommerce companies that seek to adhere to top-notch security practices. We have implemented their service to protect our customers and ourselves from potential fraud.
  • NoFraud software protects customers in the event that credit cards are being used without authorization.
  • NoFraud also protects the business against fraud chargebacks. NoFraud will screen transactions on behalf of Clinical Supplies USA and send a notification alert if the transaction has a high risk of fraud. 

After I confirm the transaction, do I need to do anything else?

  • After you have confirmed that you, in fact, made the transaction, you do not need to take any further action. Your order will ship promptly, and you can enjoy your PPE!

Will NoFraud ever ask me for my personal information?

  • No, NoFraud will never ask you for your social security number, full credit card number of any other personal information.

Will my order be delayed?

  • No, your order will not be impacted by the NoFraud software. Your order will be shipped after your confirmation.

I did not make the transaction and neither did anyone that has access to my credit card. What do I do now?

  • If your transaction was not authorized, we recommend that you immediately contact your credit card company or banking provider and inform them that your card details have been compromised. 
  • We also recommend that you review all recent transaction on your bank account to ensure any other fraudulent transactions are reported to your bank.

How can I find out more about NoFraud?

  • You can visit their website at nofraud.com to learn more.