There is no piece of safety equipment more essential in a pandemic than a face mask. This protective equipment keeps you safe from viruses and can help contribute to overall public health. If you need N95 masks in Atlanta, Clinical Supplies is here to help with quick deliveries and stellar customer service. We are committed to providing residents N95 masks in Atlanta and other cities like New York, Houston, Chicago, and Seattle. We understand the need to have life-saving equipment on hand, and we are ready to fulfill your order the second you complete it! As a Better Business Bureau accredited company, we strive to provide essential safety equipment to anyone who needs it across the country. As such, we provide USA-made N95 masks, at fair prices, with fast delivery, to people who are on the front lines of the medical and healthcare fields, as well as everyday people!

Are N95 Masks Effective?

N95 masks are one of the most effective facial coverings available. The N95 rating means that the respirators filter over 95% of all particles that are 0.3 microns in size or larger. In addition, the “N” stands for “non-oil”, meaning that is effective with particles that aren’t oil-based. Since viruses and bacteria are not oil-based particles, the N95 mask is a perfect choice of personal protective equipment (PPE) for health emergencies and pandemic conditions. They can filter out nearly any type of particle, so you will have confidence that you are breathing clean and healthy air!

N95 masks are more effective than other common types of facial covering. Cloth masks, face shields, and surgical masks offer great protection, but they do not offer the filtering that an N95 mask does. KN95 masks, which are very similar to N95 masks but made to Chinese specifications, are also a great choice. Another factor that helps the N95 mask maintain a high level of effectiveness is the tight seal it forms around the mouth and nose. When the seal is tight, only the air that passes through the filter can reach the lungs, creating a very safe breathing environment. There really is a no better choice when it comes to antivirus protection, and if you want to get N95 masks in Atlanta, Clinical Supplies is ready to help!

How Long Do N95 Masks Work?

N95 masks were created to be used as a disposable face mask which is thrown away after you use it. However, N95 masks are washable, durable, and can be reused a certain number of times, within reason. The Centers for Disease Control recommends that N95 respirators be thrown away after about five uses unless the manufacturer has stated otherwise.

However, there are scenarios in which you should throw away your N95 face mask, no matter what. For instance, if you have come into close contact with a patient who has an infectious disease or virus, discard the mask. Also, if you notice that the mask is dirty, damaged, or no longer provides a tight seal on your face, it is time to throw it away. Those are signals that the mask is either contaminated or too worn down to be effective.

It is possible to wash your N95 mask if you need to. By simply boiling the mask for a few minutes, you can remove all contaminants and germs without harming the integrity of the mask. Steaming the mask for about ten minutes is also an option. Always make sure to air dry your mask after you wash it; never put it through a washing machine or dryer. Properly taking care of an N95 mask will ensure that it lasts much longer than other disposable masks and won’t lose its ability to keep you safe!

With all that said, though, it is still important to make sure you’ve got enough N95 masks on hand. Since you’ll eventually have to replace your mask, it helps to have more than a few so that you never find yourself without the virus protection you need. Clinical Supplies has N95 masks for sale in small, bulk, and wholesale quantities, so that you can get a few dozen- or a few hundred- masks delivered right to your door, right when you need them!


Where to Purchase N95 Masks in Atlanta?

If you need to get N95 masks in Atlanta, or anywhere in Georgia, chances are they will be hard to come by in a brick and mortar store, or from many online retailers. Clinical Supplies, however, has many different N95, KN95, and kid’s face masks available, from reputable manufacturers such as 3M. Whether you’re in Atlanta proper, Midtown, Roswell, Helen, Buckhead, or Downtown, we can supply all your needs with same-day delivery! We have a range of personal protective equipment alongside masks: you can get face shields, disposable gloves, antibacterial wipes, hand sanitizers, and even infrared thermometers!

With Clinical Supplies here to help, you can have confidence that the safety equipment you need is only a few clicks away! If you order on a weekday, you will get same-day delivery; order on a weekend and your items will arrive the following Monday. We are committed to providing you with top-notch, USA made N95 face masks, whenever and wherever you need them!