When it comes to protection against viruses and airborne illnesses, there is perhaps no safety measure more effective than an N95 mask. A respirator mask is a great weapon in the fight against a deadly virus, and Clinical Supplies delivers them quickly all over the Los Angeles area and the country at large. If you need N95 masks in Los Angeles or surrounding areas, you can trust us to deliver quality masks from manufacturers like 3M that will help protect you from viruses!

Where to Purchase N95 Masks in Los Angeles?

Wherever you are in the Los Angeles area, be it Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Westside, Pasadena, or anywhere else in California, we are here to help. We deliver personal protective equipment (PPE), such as KN95 masks, face shields, and disposable gloves across the country, all made right here in the United States. We also provide high-quality kids face masks, hand sanitizers, infrared thermometers, and antibacterial wipes. When they need N95 masks, Los Angeles residents can count on Clinical Supplies to deliver top-quality safety equipment in a very short time.

We also deliver to other important cities and regional centers, such as New York, Atlanta, and San Francisco, so that every region can have the antiviral protection they need in a pandemic or emergency. Having the right PPE is essential to everyone, from healthcare workers to retail employees, right down to the average person just trying to make it to work and back. So, if you need N95 masks in Los Angeles or any other protective equipment, Clinical Supplies is here to help!

We are a Better Business Bureau-accredited company, and we take great care to provide quality equipment at fair prices. We know that personal protective equipment, especially in high population density areas like Los Angeles, are essential goods. We have a “no-price gouging” policy, meaning that we take care to offer each of our products at prices that are fair for everyone. No matter what type of antiviral measures you want to take, we are with you every step of the way.

Are N95 Masks Effective?

Yes! N95 respirator masks are approved by the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) for use in all healthcare and day-to-day public environments. Additionally, the Centers for Disease Control recommends the use of N95 respirators for protection against viruses.  

The “95” in the name actually means that the mask effectively filters out 95% of particles in the air, even microscopic ones. The number represents that it is 95% effective against particles that are as small as 0.3 microns; this means that the masks are even more effective at filtering larger particles such as bacteria and viruses.

For protection against a virus, there is no better choice than an N95 face mask. When an N95 face mask is not available, a KN95 mask works just as well. Those masks are made to specifications required by the Chinese government, while N95 masks adhere to US and international standards. In either case, these masks are the preferred type of facial covering for high-risk scenarios such as close contact with virus patients. This means they are perfect for healthcare workers, or people who are at a higher risk to catch a certain virus. However, they are a suitable choice for anyone; although cloth face masks are fine for most uses, an N95 face mask truly is the most effective mask there is.

How Long do N95 Masks Last?

This is a bit of a tough question to answer; there are several factors that you should consider to determine whether an N95 mask is reusable or should be discarded. These respirator masks are designed to be disposed of after each use, but they can be reused as long as certain conditions are met. As long as the mask is not visibly dirty, damaged, or failing to provide a good seal, it can be reused. Additionally, it can be reused if it has not come into close contact with a virus or aerosol (think coughing and sneezing).

The CDC recommends that N95 masks be disposed of after about five uses, as long as the mask stays in good, clean condition. They can be used more than that, but N95 masks lose their effectiveness after too many uses. If you want to prolong the usefulness of your respirator mask, consider using it in combination with a face shield. The face shield will prevent the mask from being contaminated with fluids and can also lower the number of particles the N95 needs to filter out.

If you need N95 masks, it is best to order in bulk, as you will eventually need to dispose of your mask and use a fresh one. Clinical Supplies has bulk quantities of up to one thousand masks, that can be delivered straight to your door! Plus, you can also make a wholesale order if you need to! Many of our N95 masks are manufactured by 3M, the world’s leader in personal protective masks, so you can rest assured that you will be protected when you purchase N95 masks in Los Angeles from us!