The N95 Mask is one of the most important pieces of personal protective equipment (PPE) that a healthcare worker or average person can have. These respirator masks are indispensable when it comes to safety and virus protection. You can order bulk N95 masks in New York from Clinical Supplies and your masks, made in the USA, will be delivered right to your door! We deliver critical pieces of equipment for public safety amid pandemics and emergencies across the country, from Seattle, San Diego to Houston.

Are N95 Masks Reusable?

According to the United States Center for Disease Control (CDC), N95 face masks are certainly reusable as long as certain conditions are met. You can learn more about the exact conditions on their website, but it is safe to reuse an N95 mask as long as there have been no close contacts between the respirator and a patient, and as long as the mask remains in good physical condition.

The CDC information also recommends using N95 respirators alongside a face shield. The N95 mask will filter out aerosols, smoke, and viruses; the face shield will support the N95 by protecting it from liquids and reducing the number of pollutants it needs to filter. This prolongs the life of the N95 mask, allowing it to be reused more times than it could without the face shield.  

You can tell that it’s time to dispose of your N95 face mask when the seal on your face is no longer as tight, or if the mask appears visibly worn or dirty. You should also dispose of your mask after coming into direct contact with infected persons or after the mask is within two feet of an aerosol generator (such as a cough or a sneeze).

There is no set number of times that an N95 mask can be reused; it is up to the wearer to assess the quality of a mask. However, when possible, it is recommended that you discard respirator masks after each use. While that is not a necessary step, it is the safest way to use them by ensuring there is no contamination of the mask. You can buy N95 Masks in New York in large quantities, even 1,000 pieces, or larger wholesale orders, from Clinical Supplies!

Do N95 Masks Protect Against Viruses?

N95 masks are approved by NIOSH- the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. They work by filtering out even the most microscopic pollutants and viruses. According to the CDC, they filter up to 95% of particles that are only 0.3 microns in size. Most viruses and pathogens are larger than 0.3 microns, so you can trust that your N95 respirator mask will keep you safe.

No matter if you are a healthcare worker or just a person trying to stay protected against a virus, an N95 mask is an ideal tool. They are approved and recommended for this purpose by all major health organizations and have been trusted by healthcare professionals in hospitals for decades. In addition, the KN95 mask, a similar mask that is produced according to Chinese standards, is just as effective in protecting against viruses.

The only way that an N95 face mask will fail to protect against a virus is if it is being used improperly. This can occur when the mask is being reused after there is visible damage, if the seal is not maintained, or if the mask has been in extremely close contact with a virus. When those things happen, it is time to discard your mask and use a fresh one. In any other case, however, the answer to the question is yes: an N95 mask can protect against a virus!

Where to Buy N95 Face Masks in New York?

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