COVID-19 in Florida.

Among a global pandemic, the state of Florida has seen an immense and increasing number of positive COVID-19 cases. The spread of the virus has critically impacted the state as a whole but also on a smaller scale. The sunny area of Broward County in South Florida has the second highest number of cases in the entire state. With 1,772 new COVID-19 cases and 464 deaths in Broward County alone on July 13th, county officials are brainstorming new ideas and restrictive measures to keep their residents safe. In order to help these communities stay safe, Clinical Supplies is dedicated to providing N95 respirators—  the best mask on the market— online to those who need them the most. By wearing respirators we can hopefully bring down the number of cases in Florida as a whole and in Broward County specifically. As a county with over 1.9 million citizens it is important to stop the spread of the virus over the dense area.

Broward County.

Broward County Emergency Orders have required residents and visitors to wear a facial covering or mask in public — especially when six feet social distancing measures cannot be respected. Beyond requiring it, code compliance officials have also been issuing warnings and citations to those who are not complying with regulations regarding store capacity limits, facial coverings, social distancing or cleanliness and hygiene. The spike in cases has been attributed heavily to the people’s refusal to wear masks while gathering in large groups. The county notes that vacation rentals and house parties have also been a big issue in Broward and that they are accelerating the spread of COVID-19. The Broward Sheriff’s Office has noted that since the pandemic has started they have received over a thousand calls in reference to house parties.

Though it is in part the government's responsibility to keep citizens safe by ensuring that social distancing measures and facial covering regulations are taken seriously, it is also on a personal level that we must take action. The high spikes in Florida are largely attributed to misinformation seen online. This includes statements that the virus isn’t that contagious or that younger people will not experience complications or harsh symptoms. However, there is not enough information and research on this virus to conclude such large statements. Plenty of younger citizens have been infected with the virus and then hospitalized. It is a risk to not listen to the government guidelines and regulations that have been put in place. It is our job as citizens of this country to take the measures to be extra careful and take care of our communities. It is our job to wear respirators and maintain social distance from one another wherever possible.

The mayor of Fort Lauderdale city in Broward County, Dean Trantalis, says some business owners are confused about the new rules of reopening, inevitably leading to issues in the control of the use of masks and social distancing. On July 14th the Broward County mayors are planning to meet virtually to propose new initiatives to slow the spread of COVID-19. With the number of positive cases rising at an alarming rate through mid-July, Broward County is following Miami-Dade County’s (the Florida county with the largest number of cases) lead in restricting dining. However, indoor dining is still allowed in Broward County, though they have instilled an emergency order to limit food service hours from 10 pm to 5 am daily. This order also limits seating in restaurants to the same household if it is more than 6 people. In an attempt to limit visitors, short-term vacation rentals are not allowing guests. Gyms, beaches and pools are allowed to remain open with promoting social distancing measures.

What can be done? Where to buy N95 masks in Broward County?

With all of this talk about dangers and panic it is important to remember the measures we can each personally take to remain safe and healthy. Since Broward County is seeing an increase in activity everywhere and particularly inside, it is important to be participating in safe practices. The Center for Disease Control, or CDC, has heavily suggested that those in public should be wearing masks. The use of the mask will significantly decrease chances of both spreading and catching the virus. This is due to the fact that it significantly blocks particles coming out of the mouth or nose. If a mask cannot be worn, social distancing of a minimum of six feet is imperative. When one speaks, coughs, or sneezes, the particles will travel and settle at a certain speed. However, these particles can travel as far as six feet depending on the strength of the action.

The use of PPE, or Personal Protective Equipment, is necessary for everyone; whether we feel ill or not. The use of respirators has been proven to reduce the rate of contagion and is imperative in dense areas and indoor spaces. It has been an experiment of nature that shows that the use of masks does reduce the number of particles that are leaving through the mouth and nose and can really reduce the risk of being infected with the virus. Especially when social distancing cannot be respected, such as inside grocery stores, doctors offices and hospitals, and restaurants, it is imperative for everyone to be wearing masks to protect one another.

More specifically, the N95 mask has been approved by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, or NIOSH to be used in medical and health settings. At Clinical Supplies we are dedicated to getting customers the respirators they need safely and quickly. Our American manufacturer, 3M, is one of the flagship brands for the N95 masks. As an American producer we are able to ensure that these masks are made quickly, efficiently, and most importantly, safely. They are available on our website and will be shipped directly to you!

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