The COVID-19 pandemic has rampantly crossed the United States and infiltrated communities along every single state. In Florida, the pandemic has had a serious effect particularly in the larger counties. As a whole, Florida has seen the largest daily number of positive COVID-19 cases than any other state, with over 15,000 cases reported in just a single day and over 300,000 total positive cases since the pandemic hit Florida in March. In the middle of the state Orange County, which is home to Orlando and the famously known parks of Disney World and Universal, has been hit hard by the pandemic. With a population of 1.39 million in the county, the people have suffered great pain and loss, ranking fifth in the state with the most number of cases. In order to stay safe, it is imperative for us as citizens of this country to wear facial coverings while in public. We, at Clinical Supplies, are ready to help those shop for safe and effective respirators online.

What now?

With the number of positive COVID-19 cases growing rapidly in Orange County, the city officials have been meeting more frequently to discuss the future. On Tuesday July 14th, the Orange County School Board listened to hours of public comment and has delayed making a decision about reopening schools until Friday. They currently have three different plans for reopening, either all virtual, all in person (abiding by social distancing guidelines) or a hybrid program of both virtual and in person teaching. Additionally, an executive order has gone into effect requiring residents to wear a face covering whenever in public spaces. Athletes and other team members from both the NBA and MLS are in the county at Walt Disney World to resume their seasons and have had a big effect on the COVID-19 testing statistics since athletes are testing multiple times a week.

Orange County is a busy area in Florida, particularly since it is home to the city of Orlando. Events and large crowds are expected in Orange County, Florida regardless of this upward trend in positive COVID-19 cases. The Junior National Volleyball Championship is expected to take place next Tuesday, July 21st, which is estimated to bring about 17,000 people to the Orlando area. Walt Disney World has also opened two of its parks, Magic Kingdom and Disney’s Animal Kingdom and plans to open the other two, Epcot and Disney’s Hollywood Studios within the week. Select Walt Disney World Resort hotels are also now allowing reservation which will inevitably bring people from other states to the parks. These reopening plans have continued forward even though the cases have been skyrocketing in the area. Walt Disney World has made continuous promises to keep the parks as clean and safe as possible. However Hong Kong Disneyland closed again after a post COVID-19 reopening and it seems like people are skeptical about the Orlando location staying open for very long.

RISING CONCERNS- Where to buy N95 masks in Orange County

With more than half of the total coronavirus cases in Orange County being diagnosed in the last two weeks, doctors with the Florida Department of Health are worried to say the least. Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer is demanding that it is a “civic duty to wear a mask” even saying to his constituents that “you have a duty to the other people in your community to make sure you don’t spread the coronavirus.” It was just last week, that a county wide mandate was put in place requiring residents to wear a mask. The Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings even went ahead to say that the next step would be to potentially add penalties to those who fail to wear a mask while in public spaces. He also added that he was considering the possibility of adding a new curfew to maintain people indoors and minimize the possibilities of partying. All of these decisions are driven by the numbers; the number of positive COVID-19 cases, the number of hospital beds available (particularly the number of ICU beds available) and the number of deaths due to the virus.

Clinical research studies have proven the effectiveness of wearing a facial covering. When we speak, we release thousands of different particles through our mouths — even if we aren’t sneezing or coughing. Wearing a mask or respirator significantly lowers the rate of transmission probability. This probability is even lower when both parties that are interacting are wearing one. With a significant amount of asymptomatic COVID-19 patients, it is not always evident that you are infected with the virus. Therefore, in order to take care of ourselves, our families and our communities it is imperative for everyone to be wearing facial coverings.

Beyond listening to government announcements and following the Center for Disease Control, or CDC, guidelines, we must take our own personal precautions to stay safe during these tough times. It is imperative to use Personal Protective Equipment, or PPE, to try to minimize the contagion of the virus and wherever possible to maintain social distancing of at least six feet. We know that safe and reliable masks have been harder to come by during these difficult times. However, at Clinical Supplies we are working with the American flagship N95 mask brand, 3M, to ensure that our clients are receiving the best respirators possible. By working with 3M, we are able to quality respirators that are made right here in the United States. The N95 respirator is the best mask available on the market and it is approved by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, or NIOSH. It is a hospital and medical grade use respirator and it achieves a very close facial fit and is one of the most effective masks at filtering out airborne virus particles. We are here to provide you with quality N95 masks not only quickly, but safely.

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